• 12-25-2016 You need fiber to sweep the colon and hold the poop together into the shape we all know and love. Wheat bran is the best fiber, two slices of whole grain bread per day, but veggies will do the job well enough. You should eat a mix of veggies that you happen to like.
    • Ice man
      Two whole grain and a basket of veggies, got it ! thanks lol
  • Yes, and it'll stink the toilet out.
    • Ice man
      And probably make a wicked mess tooo. LOL
  • The effects of particular foods upon us are very individual as well as depend on our life style, what else we are eating, and so on. I don't think that could hurt you and indeed might help. But would taste better if you cut it up or shred it and lightly saute it in some oil. Chew very thoroughly. Sometimes that is all I eat for a meal. One thing that is very important for that is to keep physically active so maybe good to get up from your computer and take a walk or whatever.

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