• I take it this is a mock-up of the question "Why is Italy shaped like a boot?", in which case the answer is as follows: Italy existed long before boots were invented, and since it was there first, Italy isn't shaped like a boot. Boots are shaped like Italy. Does that answer your question? Lol:)
  • Because Italy is the most boot-shaped country in the world, why do you think? Lol:)
  • 1-8-2017 Until just a few hundred years ago, horses were not very useful in battle because it was so easy to knock a man off one. Then a new saddle was invented with a very different shape that made it somewhat more difficult to knock the rider off. Suddenly horsemanship became an important factor in manhood. The language of the day was influenced by French, and the French word for a horse was cheval, so a man found it important to practice chivalry. Another important invention that went with that was the high heeled boot, so a rider's foot would not easily slip out of a stirrup. So that is why boots are shaped the way they are. It's a big part of manhood. The women just go along because they look so cool.
    • Crazychick
      I don't like to see men wearing feminine things. I like a man to be a man, one who reminds me of my father. That's why I've always preferred older men. My husband is 15 years older than me and he reminds me of my dad in a lot of ways. Both understand the importance of chivalry, but wearing high-heeled boots? Never in a million years. The only reason I don't wear them myself is because I can't walk in them, but they do look cool on women who can walk in them.

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