• Yes indeed I do , at least 16 and really needs to be the age of 18
    • Ice man
      Thanks, I'd drink to that ! ; )
    • RareCatch
      I agree with Pattijo Nov.23
    • Thriftymaid
      I vote for 18.
  • I thought there was I'm pretty sure I saw several people say that there was.
    • Ice man
      Yes it has been added to "the terms of service", since this Q was first asked. Unfortunately it was set at 13 years of age ( I think it should be older). At the time, there was a pervert coaxing a young girl into having sexual relations with her younger brother. I found it to be both inappropriate and disturbing.
    • Linda Joy
      It reminds me of the ones I saw just a few days ago encouraging a woman to have sex with her 13 year old son
    • Ice man
      Makes you wonder about some people, eh?
    • Linda Joy
      I just pray for them.

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