• Yeah~! When I tried to respond to the question "Do you say Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays" my answer won't post. They should definitely extend that!
  • I dunno, I was wondering why myself.
  • I remember some of these questions from the past and I know some of them had a lot more than 100 answers, so I'm sure they decided to cap them at 100 because of the space they take up. I also think these questions are randomly selected by a bot, because they are very old and a lot of them are totally irrelevant today. They have been dragged back from the archives for use as "filler". There isn't enough of us asking new questions (not yet anyway) to fill the page so they need to bring back the old stuff to make up for the shortfall., Personally I skip any question showing 100 answers because the author left years ago and will never read your reply. Equate it to talking to yourself.
    • Ice man
      P.S. Speaking of "talking to yourself" - If you want people to see your questions then DON'T post them in the "About AB" categories. They don't get posted to the main question pages and the only way anyone is going to see them is if they happen to be looking into this category (like I did), or from your profile page. .
  • So I have noticed. Guess they don't yet have the facility to post more than that number. Too bad.
  • There are 100 people on here...?
    • Ice man
      That's not counting the trolls. : P

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