• In the worst way.
  • Yeah, it's almost like he's daring us to elect him.
  • Yes, as long as he doesn't have to give any details about any of his plans or release his tax returns or answer any hard questions. Then yes, he does.
    • Army Veteran
      He doesn't need to - Biden's Gestapo has already raided his house and took everything they thought they could hang him for. And they confiscated things that were not on the search warrant. Can you say "illegal"? Sure ya can.
    • Beat Covid, Avoid Republicans
      1465 You weren't old enough to serve in WWII. How do you know what the gestapo is?
  • It's hard to say. I think he's over it and wants to be impeached.
  • No. He has changed his mind and will be stepping down. ...Is this question by any chance old?
  • I think he's doing a pretty good job despite all the opposition. It takes a little time when things are such a mess in Washington.
  • Erm... he is.... isn`t he? (Smeg knows how).
  • Well, He made it for 4 years but was a complete failure
    • Army Veteran
      "Complete failure", huh? Is that why Biden began reversing everything he did the moment he was sworn in? How do you like the price of gas...and the high cost of groceries...and the overall inflation agenda? You must like the hell out of it because this is what your Biden did - this is what he "reversed" the day he was sworn in. But like most Liberals, you're in denial. You have it as bad as everyone else but refuse to blame the one responsible.
  • Ya think!
  • He wants to be King.
  • Not as much as millions of Americans want him to be.

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