• Sure. Just about everything is considered harassment these days.
  • I would say if the comments were pointed, sexual or durogatory then yes. Otherwise, he is just probably a jerk with no class or tact.
  • like what was he saying? it really depends
  • If it's unwelcome and has nothing to do with your job (ie: you're not a stripper or a Hooters waitress) then it very well could be.
  • It's considered harassment if you find it that way. If his comments offend you, I suggest you let him know that you don't like it. Then if he keeps doing it, you can report him and he can't come back and say he didn't know you didn't like it.
  • i think it is especially if you dont want to hear it
  • Read the section components of workplace harassment. Read the whole thing but that section covers your situation. You need to tell him nicely and professionally that his comments make you uncomfortable and you would appreciate it if he would stop. If you do it properly it can be said in front of other people which you really need so at least one person hears you say it and make sure it isnt the employee who is a suck up to the boss. Give him a week or so and if he continues to do it go to HR Human Resources or Personnel if you dont have HR. Tell them you need help with an issue because you tried on your own and it didnt work. Let them know when you asked him to stop, location, date, time and who was there.
  • depends on the comments
  • tell him don't you mouth off about my family . Id rain blows on him. Id take him to the pub and put him up against the wall and tell him to shut up Id probably attack him and find a new job. No don't tolerate it one bit . Next time he says anything as my nephew said to his boss my dad didn't like your comments as hes 2 foot taller than you, you better not get too close to my Dad.
  • It could possibly a case for harassment.

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