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  • you are screwed.
  • You can do nothing. You will fail. Marijuana is detectable for anywhere up to a month of longer. Hope those hits were a blast. Enjoy punishment.
  • was that the only time you have smoked pot this month? if so you might pass it maybe i don't know and if not you will fail it for sure. i had a friend who drank a lot of vinigar and threw up and he had a drug test the next day and he paseed so drink vinigar and throw up should work or i do know of a pill you can buy[from a drug dealer if you have one and if he has any] and it will get any type of drug out of your system. the pill costs about $50, well here it does at least. but yea id go with the vinigar thing because i know it works for sure.
  • No chance, and to get it out of your system, stop smoking the crap and wait a month.
  • A single use of marijuana can last 1-7 days, depending on how much THC was ingested. If you are skinny plays a part, the quality of pot it was, and your metabolism rate as well. Dont exercise b4 the test, Drink lots of water b4 the test, pee a lot, then drink several energy drinks to add the color back to your diluted urine, Never give the tester the beginning or end of your urine stream, only the middle.
  • niacin hon. niacin.
  • Yes, you CAN do something. There are several things on the market that will cleanse your system even just hours before a test. My brother is an AVID everyday smoker, drank this stuff called VEIL, smoked a joint on the WAY to test...and passed. Good luck!

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