• Semi-permanent in "pink" and purple in permanent. Safer to use semi-permanent. Permanent Color. Permanent color uses both ammonia and peroxide, which enter the hair's cortex and create a change that cannot be washed out. Keep in mind that the end result is always a combination of the added pigment and the original pigment of your hair, so the dye may look different on you than, on your friend, the model on the box, or Julia Roberts. But as the name suggests, when you wash with permanent color, if you don't like it, your only options are to wait for the color to grow out or to dye over it (which, again, DEFINITELY requires a pro).
  • Of course. I would suggest trying a semi-permanent (such as Beyond the Zone - I always use the color Raspberry Kamikaze) first and see how you like that before commiting to permanent hair color. With unnatural hair a job may be hard to find (I generally average applying to 15 places before getting a job), friends may not be so friendly, strangers can be very cruel, and it is a lot of work. Not to mention the stress on your hair. With semi-permanent color you can change shades and colors as often as you want with little to no damage to your hair if you do it correctly. If you follow the routine I use you can make a semi-permanent dye stay in almost like a permanent dye and get the benefits of none of the harsh chemicals in permanents. First you bleach your hair with pure bleach (if you have red undertones there is nothing better than the blue tinted Kalidescope bleach in 40 volume). Then after rinsing, do not condition, and let your hair dry to the point of being soggy. Then apply as much dye as your hair will take (at least a bottle and a half if your hair is past the tops of your ears) and cover your head with saran wrap. Make sure it is air tight. This is important for two reasons. First it will seal in your natural heat to activate the hair color. Also it will prevent the dye from drying and becoming inert. Then use a blowdryer on its hottest setting to heat your hair. Get it as hot as you can stand it and maintain this temperature. I would suggest leaving it on for upwards of 45 minutes. (Make sure and read the bottle on this one if you aren't using Beyond the Zone. Beyond the Zone does not use peroxide or ammonia in the dyes so it is safe.) To rinse it out run a warm shower and rinse ALL of the dye out - it will take forever. But it will definatly stain your clothes if you do not. After this seal your hair. I suggest first using your normal conditioner for a few minutes - like normal. Then a pH balanced serum. My favorite is Ion's Repair Solutions Reconstructor Treatment - Keratin Protein Rebuilder. Use this as directed and rinse with icy water to seal your cuticle and make your hair oh so shiny. (Everything here can be found at your local Sally's.) If this doesn't work for you then try using a permanent dye. The best brand for permanent unnatural dye is Special FX from what I have heard. A basic Google search shows this will run you about 8 bucks a bottle (where BtZ is about 6) and the company says you will need to retouch about every 3-6 weeks (not that different from the method listed above). The most important thing, though, is that you enjoy your gorgeous fuschia locks! (I have had pink hair for 3 years now if anyone is wondering how I claim to know these things.)
  • I have yet to find a pink that is truly permanent, but I find that when I use Manic Panic's Flamingo Pink, insted of shampooing (which will quickly strip the pink out of your hair) try just using only conditioner every time you wash your hair, and shampoo like every three days. This does not make your hair as nasty as you may think! But it will dramaticaly increase the length of time the color stays in your hair. Good luck!
  • As stated by other users, there isn't any permanent pink dye, but there is semi-permanent which, when used correctly, can last just as long as permanent would. Special FX and Raw dyes are absolutely amazing. You can get both at Hot Topic [and Sally's, I'm sure] for $12/bottle. I have short hair [about earlobe length] and one bottle lasts me ~10 dyes. I used Atomic Pink from Special FX over both dark AND bleached hair, and both times, it lasted for 2 months.
  • there is a permanent pink hair color, as well as blue purple green ect..., you can find it at victory beauty supply, or any cosmo prof. stores. but you need a card to get in.
  • Seems to be only available to UK women over 80! also available as a blue-rinse....
  • Yes, there is permanent pink hair dye! Redkins makes High fusion colors and pink is one of the variety of colors you can chose from and you do not have to bleach the hair first you can bleach it to get a more intense color if you would like but it will still turn even if your hair is black you can buy this at beautly alliance or stores that carry products for cosmetologist...also you can use semi permanents such as beyond the zone which you can get at sallys for about $6 and add vinger to make the color stay in longer but if you use a semi permant your hair needs to be bleached first!!!
  • I've been using Atomic Pink by Special FX for about a year and a half now, and it's amazingly resilient! When I used manic panic, I had to redye my hair about once a week, but with SFX I can go for about a month, sometimes longer without refreshing the color. I can't recommend it enough, especially this particular shade. It starts off Magenta, but within about a week it turns to a super bright pink. And I've used lots of "Permanent" dye that hasn't lasted nearly as long (or faded quickly to some horrible shade or another). Good luck!
  • i use a semi-permanent pink hair dye i get it at hot topic and it lasts 6-8 weeks. there is a permanent hair you can find at any cosmo-prof beauty stores, you need a card to get in, i have one. so thats where i get all my stuff. i think i might do the permanent pink cause i like it =]
  • Yes there is, I have just had some delivered, but have to wait 3wks after bleaching before I can use it. The instructions on the packet are in both English and 'possibly' Arabic???? The company do a fab selection of colours too!
  • It depends on the shade you are looking for. Some brands do a permanent pink dye (mainly available from supermarkets and beauty stores etc) however if you want the really bright neon pinks then these are generally only available as semi-permanent vegetable dyes. Some brands can last for months as opposed to weeks and there are lots of tips you can use to increase the length of time on the hair. Lots of pink vegetable hair dye photos can be seen here: and hints/tips and help on using vegetable dyes can be seen here:

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