• To me, God is a single entity that "answers" to any name assigned by humanity. God is Jehovah, Zeus, Isis, Astarte, and many others. For example... To my friends, I am "friend", but to my parents, I am "daughter." My son calls me "Mom," and I am "wife" to my husband. They do not literally call me these names (except my son really does call me Mom), but it is a label for me in their worldview. The names of God around the world, in my opinion, function like my personal labels, all applicable to the same entity, but ascribing very different expectations.
  • A big imaginary man in the sky that could be used to keep people's sanity in the face of death and also to start wars.
  • Within my religion, God is not someone who creates the universe or has any power to communicate with people on earth. We use the term in a totally different way. God for us is someone who attains Moksha because they have liberated themselves from their Karmas. That could be you. Another thing, we do not worship them, we respect them.
  • "God" represents a vast set of homonyms, most poorly defined. It is generally a mistake to try to see a common thread there. Why use the term "god" to describe anything at all, given its horrific ambiguity and emotionally charged and loaded nature? What value does using the term "god" deliver? Why would you feel the need to define this term?
  • The Lord Jesus Christ. After all, He even said "He that hath seen me hath seen the Father"(John 14:9). I hope that this is helpful. -In the Master's service. Thank you and God bless you!
  • Our Father in Heaven , In any form that a persons beliefs may lead them to peace and harmony of spirit.
  • I am agnostic, yet I would give different God concepts different levels of probability. The common Abrahamic concept of God I flat-out reject as self-contridictory. It is a being described as being without limits, yet the entire mythology is based on it being limited. God as a non-personified force that establishes the flow of the universe (Tao) or is the sum of all life in the universe (Gaia) I would consider more probable- but since such a being is not exactly a "being", many people would not call it a "God".
  • 9-8-2017 It depends on which religions and cultures you are talking about.

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