• Missionaries, as any member, always have the freedom to make any choice they want. However, they are strongly discouraged from phoning home. Most missions throughout the Church set aside Mother's Day and Christmas as times when missionaries can phone home. The reason for the restriction is to help ensure the missionaries stay focused on their service and not to be distracted by dwelling unnecessarily on their home life.
  • Actually you can contact your family every week. How about that? Now that Email is so advanced and widely used, we can write to our families every week. not so bad huh? in fact we are encouraged to write once a week (Missionary Handbook).
  • Actually, we were encouraged to write once a week before email came along. It's just that we had to do it the old fashioned way (i.e. with a pen and paper and sending via snail mail). You can also write to friends if you have the time. Additionally, missionaries can call home on Mother's Day and Christmas.

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