• Put some electrical tape over the brake light...problem solved. :)
  • I would check those and the fuses.
  • I don't know the car, so shooting in the dark here but I would say check the break pads first.
  • PB Switch still operates and then clears? I would have brake system checked; never ever cover a lamp on a safety system
  • The fluid level night be low. The pads might be worn. The emergency break might be loose enough to trigger the pressure switch,opening and closing the circuit (giving false break light indication.) There could be other problems with the breaking system which need to be looked at buy a mechanic,it's only your life,there are more important things to do besides live,right? BTW,the 'tape over the light' is so wrong I can't even imagine people doing something like that,much less advising it! -2(that's all I can afford at this level)

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