• To get one of those heart symbols on your website or Myspace profile, you put this code in: ♥ This shows up as: ♥ Here are codes for some other cool symbols: ♣ would get you: ♣ ♦ makes this show up: ♦ ♠ gives you one of these: ♠ » -or- « are the codes for either a right-pointing double arrow (») or a left-pointing double arrow («)
  • when i put in &hearts it says &hearts not the icon. I'm trying to change my display name on myspace but it's not working!
  • You can also use the alt button and the number pad. Such as: alt 22, alt 55. make sure that you hold the alt button and the number button at the same time. You can even use the tripple digets. Just try them out they are really cool.
  • Press the alt key, and #3 on the numbers pad, on the right side of the computer, to get a heart♥ alt 1=☺ alt 2=☻ alt 3=♥♥♥♥ alt 4=♦ alt 5=♣ alt 6=♠ alt 7=• alt 8=â—˜ alt 9=â—‹ alt 10=â—™ alt 11=♂ Hold the alt key down, then press the number release both at the same time →alt26→Good Luck ♥♥♥→ You can actually go up to alt 1000=Φ...
  • I just find someone who has lots of hearts displayed and do control c and then control v ...instant hearts..:)
  • has a lot of helpful glyphs that you may want to use, it also may help you with changing your profile name

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