• It might have been something wrong with that particular bottle of wine - or does it happen all the time w/ white wine? If it happens all the time, but only w/ white wine (not red as well?) then I have NO idea what could be wrong : ( Guess you're right: the only thing to do is not drink it though, lol
  • The answer is to drink less and avoid white wine. Especially the kind that comes in a box. Headaches from wine can be caused by various factors, including the alcohol or the histamines contained within the wine. It's most likely not from the sulfite (preservatives). Alcohol has a powerful dilation effect on the blood vessels and increases blood flow. Therefore, the alcohol in wine can cause the blood vessels in your nose and sinus area to swell, causing a feeling of pressure. Depending on how sensitive you are to this effect, you might experience a headache. Since you're okay with other types of alcohol, I would guess that it is not the main cause of your pain, but is a contributor. The natural histamines in wine, can stimulate an allergy type of response throughout the body, but it usually is most noticeable in the nose and sinus regions. The body perceives these compounds as foreign invaders, and histamine, like alcohol, can cause the blood vessels to swell. The body's efforts to combat these effects mimics its response to things like pollens and dust, which frequently cause headaches. And therein resides the good news. Lastly, you may be allergic to sulfites. It's easy to identify if sulfites are your pain trigger: white wines will affect you more than reds. If you're going to continue to drink white wine, take an Advil before you drink. Eat something and sipwater while you're drinking wine. Take Claritin or an antihistamine before you go to bed. And make sure you drink a LARGE amount of water to help metabolize the alcohol. Cheers!
  • Many people have difficulty with white wine. I think it is far more acidic than red. I had a similar problem with white wine years ago and I don't touch it at all now. Avoid it if you can. Try to remind yourself before you go out to choose another drink. Good luck.
  • I've heard that some people can have a sensitivity to oak which is how some wines (red too?) are aged. Other than that, the only thing to suggest is to stick to red wine, beer or spirits.
  • some alcohols just dont agree with some people. i can drink two beers and feel sick all day the next day. but, i can drink absolute all nite and not feel sick. Maybe instead of tryin to forget it, you should experiment and find something you like just as well, but doesnt make you feel that way.
  • Sick and vomiting sounds to me like liver problems. Look for something that can help your liver functions. Alcohol is not good for the liver. I had hepatitis and can absorb only small amounts of wine. In fact I do not drink more than once a few weeks.
  • maybe youre allergic to it

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