• Best is a relative term. Best for their health, or most attractive to them? If the kitten has been taken away from its mother before it has been litter trained, that is just plain wrong and cruel, the kitten is too young. Mothers train their kittens by example to use a litter box. Reunite them if you can. Then, use a clumping litter that is dust free, and clean it TWICE a day (would YOU use a toilet that had waste in it?). Tidy Cat is highly rated. Kittens can be very susceptible to infections, cleanliness in very important.....again, the mother should be there, to groom them. And don't forget to be careful about food.....the wrong food can cause urinary tract infection. And NEVER rub a kittens nose in a mess it makes, the kitten will NOT understand! Cats and kittens are naturally clean animals (unlike dogs, which eat their own feces and vomit).....they want to use litter and will only go elsewhere when stressed or when the box is not clean enough. Also, never never leave a kitten with a child unattended, they can be easily injured.
  • 1-19-2017 Best is not a bit relative. Go to and get very specific instructions on how to choose litter.

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