• Perhaps you need to let her out earlier and leave her out for longer to do her business.Maybe ask advice from the vet as well.
  • do you let her out just before you go to bed? sometimes it can be a sign of other things though so take her to a vet just to get checked out. it could be something like worms if shes weeing more. just be glad shes letting you know :0)
  • Try putting away the water dish two hours before you go to bed and let her out just before you retire.
  • Its better than wee'ing on your floor, GO LUCY! I'd give her lots of biscuits!
  • At six years old I would hope that she is fully house trained, and as such is using the nightly toilet trips in order to gain a treat and some of your attention. Try not talking to her or petting her and do not give her any more treats, try this for a couple of weeks and see what happens.
  • Are you sure she's wanting to go out, or has she realised that whining will get you out of bed to give her a treat???? You have a well trained dog their waking you up to go for a pee. Well done. I would do what someone else suggested. Don't put as much water down for her at bedtime, and try to ignore her when she starts whining. If she hasn't pee'd when you have got up, then your problem is resolved. I know she might pee but one night isn't going to be a problem is it?? And you will know whether she wanted to pee or not.
  • She has trained you to take her out, possibly get spoken to excitedly and then get a treat for doing only what she should be doing. Try taking her out before bedtime, telling her to go and then go to sleep. If she whines, then take her out, no excited talking, no good girl, no nothing, just calmly take her out with no attention at all. Let her do her business. Then bring her back in. No talking! None! Then go back to sleep. You need to take control. She is mature enough to go a whole night without needing to go outside.
  • Take her out to relive herself before you go to bed.
  • take her water away gradually till you get to 6 hours before the evening

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