• It may not be herpes. There are lots of other skin probems that give painful red bumps. .
  • did you touch some one with genital herpes you can get it if they touch the bumps and touch you also if you go to the gym some one with herpes starts to sweat and you touch there sweat you could have it
  • I can't answer that without examining your genital area. I'd say you should ask your gynecologist, not a bunch of amateurs. If they are painful, go see the dr. right away.
  • Take some pictures and post them on myspace, then give us the link. Do you shave? It might just be razor burn or a reaction to soap. VERY common. SEE YOUR DOCTOR. Don't be embarrassed.
  • it could possibly be genital acne, if you may have bumps in other places too then there is a chance it could be shingles, and if you shave it it could be razor burn good luck to you
  • Go See A Doctor.
  • Highly unlikely.

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