• Some are and some aren't. Off-hour dentistry is very expensive so I always try to hold out until the Monday if at all possible.
  • most dentists shut at the weekends but i know there are emergency dentists available.
  • There are some "Doc In The Box" dental practices that are open evenings and weekends. I have really cool dentist and I've got his home and cell number, but, I wouldn't bother him unless it was a REAL emergency .
  • im trying to find out if there is a dentist open on saturday i could get an appt. with have toothache. I need one in Roanoke. so if you know of one please email me at Thank You
  • There are emergency dental clinics open if your isnt. Yes, there are dentists who work on the weekends, but you can also go to some ER's. I know this because when working in them we had a lot of dental cases come in, and we actually had an on call dentist or the maxillofacial specialist could come and take a look too.
  • In my area I recently went to Perfect Smile Dentistry on a Saturaday. To my surprise they are open Monday through Saturday from 9-5. The doctor was able to see me when I walked in and I was able to have my tooth removed the same day. Call them! They are very nice :) 561-732-3203
  • If you live in the Los Angles Area and have a dental emergency on a sunday or any day of the week, you can call the emergency dental services at ZAKHOR DENTAL GROUP at (310)208-0811. You may also visit the website at
  • BC Dental Care are open evenings and weekends. They offer dental emergency services.
  • Normally you can call the hospital and ask if they know of any dentist on call. I've known people who had to go just to a regular hospital to get a shot to hold them over until they can see a dentist. Even if you call a dentist office a major chain dentist they usually leave a number for emergencies.
  • some are and some aren't.alot of times if it's a huge emergency just go the emergency room and they'll take care of you unitl you can see your dentist.
  • call 1-800-DENTIST. There are 24/7/365 dentists.

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