• Nearly every call to customer service...especially if the call starts off with an automated phone system saying "Please press 1 for help in English."
  • The worst one I ever had to make was to ring my aunt in New Zealand and tell her that her brother, my father, was dead.
  • The worst call I had to make was ring my sister to tell her to go and tell my Mother my son had been killed. She idolised him and I could not let her be alone when she was told. Then I had to ring my mother recently to tell her to get to the hospital my husband was not going to pull through.
  • I got a message from my mom at 4am in nov 2008. We knew my grandpa was dying and I had a sick feeling he had just passed away when I heard the message, she didn't say what it was, just to call her, and I could hear it in her voice. I was crying before I even dialed to call back. :( That feeling of unsure dread made it worse than knowing he had passed.
  • Worsted? *giggles at made up word* People bullied me in 6th grade and my parents made me call one of them to tell them how it made me feel.
  • I had to call my first love and tell him I couldn't go out with him anymore b/c he was half Jewish! AARRGGHH!
  • having to tell someone they had cancer
  • When the hospital called and said my mom died.
  • Worst call I ever received was that my dad had passed away. Worst calls to make were telling people that fact.
  • The worst was when my father died.
  • in october my brother in law was in a moter cycle accident an i was notified by the pocile, worst call recived. the officer procided to ask me to notify family. so i had to call his parents, brothers,family and his fiance. they had their weding planed for the following weekend. worst call made.
  • when the bank told me i was bankrupt - then i had to phone 12 of my employees to tell them not to come in to work.. Damned ressesion has messed lots of ppl up
  • when i dialed my lover and me and his wife answered at the same that moment i tought we were caught but nahhh it didnt happen haa
  • The phone call that told us that our son was missing. It felt like my heart had stopped for the next three days until he was found. A wonderful couple found him and got him to an ER where he was listed as a John Doe. Thankfully all is under control now.
  • My brother was very sick...we knew he wasy dying but many were in denial regarding just how soon it would be...our parents (2 hrs away) were going to come see him the next day but I had to call them at 3AM and tell them, they needed to come NOW that he wouldn't make. They made it in time...he died about the time they originally planned to leave their they got to spend a couple of hours by his side and be with him when he died.
  • Like so many here, it was a death. I called my brother and said "get over to Mom." That was all I had to say. He started crying and headed over to her, while my sister and I were at the hospital with my dad. While I was out of the room calling, my dad died.

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