• I hear that women get more sensation from their clitorises and nipples because of the piercing but why would a man get a Prince Albert since it has no utilitarian explanation. I am not in favor of piercings yet I will not preach against nor condemn. It's your life Live it as you will.
  • I have no idea. That hurts just thinking about it. And gross.
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  • I'm thinking about getting my labia (outer) pierced later on. To me it's just sexy even though are already now xD I might choose something else though. Hood would get annoying...clit would be annoying...under clit...maybe, but doubt it. Meh, labia seems great, lol.
  • so you will alway have a place to hang a coathanger.
  • I have no clue , I just couldn't do that
  • I was young, and thought it would be cool.
  • Sexual pleasure is the reason I've heard for most people. Some folks just plain like adornation, the tough look (for the guys) or a pearl in the oyster (women).
  • The thought never crossed my mind. I get all the sensation and pleasure I need without piercing my genitalia or nipples, thank you very much! But to everyone else who gets these piercings, whatever makes you happy.
  • Uhhh I wouldn't. Get that thing with the spike away from my sacred parts!
  • Why pierce anything? I've never quite understood the fascination.
  • For years I have wanted to get a genital piercing, but I didn't like the idea of having my clitoris pierced. I love the look, but I don't know if I would want to do that. I have heard you can also become desensitized from that kind of piercing. So I found a piercing called the Christina (aka Venus piercing). It enters the very top of the clitoral hood, through the small ridge where the outer labia meet, and exiting through the surface of the pubic mound. It's a really beautiful piercing and it mainly for aesthetics. I want it because I think it is beautiful. I love to be adorned...And I will be getting it around my birthday in March--Happy Birthday to me (and my Christina).
  • Permanent French tickler. Though I cringe when I think about piercing my sword.
  • To plug a leak.
  • Why? Because it's a special piercing that only I know about. Only a select few people will ever find out, and to be honest, I think it's beautiful.
  • Why indeed. To each his/her own, but...ouch...ewww.
  • Just in response to a comment above about Prince Albert piercings, it does in fact increase stimulation in some men, albit a different kind of stimluation...urethral stimulation
  • I just had a VCH piercing done last Friday, and am enthralled with the way it looks and feels... I've nver had such powerful orgasms... If anything, I would totally recommend this piercing!
  • i've heard for the sex but owieee....*crosses legs* >.<
  • for a woman, a vertical hood piercing can make sex more pleasurable. as for the rest of the piercings down below there's no real benefit...just for the love of piercings.
  • Penn Jillette says he got a ring put in his ball sack so he'd have a place to keep his keys.
  • If you want to, why not? Ive got a few. I luv them. Both for the look and the feel.
  • I've had a PA for a couple of years now. Wouldn't be without it. 40+ Male in a professional job, it's my hidden secret. Partner loves it, she has a clit hood piercing too. Get with it, dare to be different, very very pleasurable for both partners.
  • Because I find it very attractive and appealing, and a lot of other people do, too. When I turn 18 im getting a VCH and a Christina, as well as my nipples.
  • I haven't had a genital piercing, but I plan to. I think that they are attractive.

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