• Yes!! I think it can eat at our souls like a cancer.
  • Yes, I do believe that if you harbor hate it will poison you. Hate is insidious and sneaky. It hides in the hidden chambers of your heart until it festers and takes over completely. Just a little hate can infect your whole being before you are even aware it has taken root. Hate must be banished as soon as you feel it's first pangs in your heart. It will destroy you.
  • When you believe in something so strongly for so long it seems to become an neigh unbreakable belief.
  • It's just a theory of mine...nothing conclusive but yes. I think hateful people who are conniving and constantly plotting and enjoy doing evil things get cancer more.
  • I know all to well - That is a YES - Mine is more on not being able to forgive and really I think I' am scared to - Because then I'll think and feel they got away it - Sad for me in the long run , because they could care less and haven't given me another thought - So I am the one letting them keep the power over me - Great Question that really helped me - Hug's
  • It is like poison. It will drive itself deeper into your self like gangrene. You may not know who deep it's gone how much it's affecting you and your everyday decisions, what you are avoiding or doing for the sole purpose of working through the hate. And hate is a negative emotion. It is a drain, an energy vampire. Better to get yourself on a positive healing track. Leave it in the past. I had unresolved feelings once and I was helped by a dear friend who told me that I should pray about it, give it to God and then don't take it back. I wondered what he meant. He told me, when you take out the trash, the bad, you put it in a can, place the lid on it. You don't go back out, bring it into your house again. You don't even go outside and lift the lid to see if it's still there. You just let it go, it's gone out of your life. Forgive, forget, get rid of it. Then move forward with a cleaner life.
  • Hate is a very powerful emotion..a very negative one as well. After a time it will make itself known in every aspect of your life. In one way or another. Yes, it will grow and keep growing and poison your mind and your heart until that's all you have left if you harbor and continue to feed it.
  • The hate that I harbor borders more on indifference... I could care less what happens to them as long as they are not in my life. I dont dwell on it or beat my self up over it, those people are just not worth my time and they will not get any more out of me... not even anger or emotion... just indifference.
  • In some cases, hatred for someone is something that is nigh impossible to erase, and in most cases, it's something that may feel intensely painful, unnatural, and unjust to even *Try* to erase. But hatred is toxic an destructive by nature to everyone exposed to it, and whether the object of your hatred deserves all the hate and resentment you feel for them, *You* don't deserve to be exposed to it. Hatred to some extent is a necessary human emotion, it can fuel people to do things that can result in "Justice". But once that concept of justice has been carried to a certain extent and burnt itself out, it's important to let go of the hatred that fueled it, because after that point, all the destructive energy of that hatred and resentment can only be directed inward, and/or towards people who don't truly deserve it. The way I see it, if some one's done something that makes you hate them, and if they feel no remorse for it, then they must want to cause you pain. So past a certain point, the worst thing you can do to them, and more importantly, the best thing you can do for yourself, is to let go of any and all emotion for them, and stop letting them cause you yet more pain by hating them.
  • Yes. I do believe that. It is a self-destructive behavior to harbor hate. It is pointless, useless, and you are right about your analysis.
  • Jodie- Definitely. I takes strength and courage to breakthrough to benevolent thoughts and feelings toward the object of such poisonous harboring. I follow the Buddhist concept of "turning poison into medicine" which is accomplished while chanting, which is both self-reflective and self-revealing. Nam-Myoho-Renge-Kyo! Rickster
  • Hate is such a wasted emotion. It doesn't do any good to hate...and the person you hate doesn't care anyway. It can and will poison your heart and your mind. It's just better to ignore and avoid than to waste the thought, time and effort of hating.
  • Most definetly. Hate is a horribly toxic emotion. It eats you up inside.

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