• probably, yes.
  • If the police have any moral decency about them, then no. The man who was cruel enough to leave his dog inside of his car should be punished. However, the dog could only have been left in the car for a few minutes while its owner did a quick job, so maybe then you would get arrested for it
  • I was coming home from the hardware store, and I busted a window with one of my purchases - a 2 kilo Sledgehammer, though it wasn't a huge swing or anything, I just held it near the head, and thwacked the window - And the owner tried to have me arrested for Destruction of property, and the cop just shook his head in disgust, and told the bloke that he should be thankful I just saved his dog from his negligence.
  • Probably. I mean, you could just as easily have called the police or the animal rescue people. Many times the cops don't appreciate people taking the law into their own hands. Whether or not the judge finds you guilty is another matter entirely.
  • No. But, be on the safe side and call the police. Let the police due the damage and save the animal. We will make a report, in which insurance will honor. No one is going to be arrested, its not an intentional act.
  • I was at the grocery store last summer, and saw a dog in a car (it was hot out). I saw a cop, and pointed it out. He shattered the window farthest from the dog and waited for the owner to give him a citation for animal cruelty. The cop thanked me.
  • Knowing my luck I would break the glass, cut my hand, cut the dog, the dog would go AWOL and jump for my throat, the owner would come back and put the boot in, then the Police would fine me for the damage... Once I saw this little puppy German Shepherd sitting right beside a busy High Street, so I went over to pick it up and it freaked! It was hanging from my hand growling! I had to wave my arm about to loosen its bite! Blood squirting out and Tetanus injection required! Be carefull when rescuing Dogs...
  • Yes, because even though it is animal abuse, it is just personal property and you damaged other personal property to get to the dog. But it doesn't mean the dog's owner won't be allowed to go scot free. They will probably be fined, too.
  • 6/30- 12:30 P.M. Shopping Center Parking Lot in New York 92 Degrees Older Golden Retreiver in back seat barking and agitated. Windows down 25 percent all around. I pulled one door button up, alarm sounded, no one paid any attention. Five minutes later middle aged man approaches car. I ask "is this your dog?". Reply "Yes, I was only away for five minutes" My response "I have been here for five minutes. Please leave your dog at home or don't leave him in car, he is getting respiratory distress, I just put a cat to sleep who was in respiratory distress. The windows on this car should have been all the way down. Please get him some water." Man does not say anything in response, what could he say? "I did something stupid and you caught me lying". DO NOT BE LIKE HIM BECAUSE HIS DOG COULD HAVE GOTTEN SERIOUSLY ILL.
  • maybe so, but i will break the window anyway
  • Better to call the police and tell them it is an emergency......then break the glass if necessary.
  • You should call the police and break the window if you have to, but save the poor dog. I just wrote about this on my blog:
  • same way you would if you tried to unlock the door with a clothes hanger, if you don't have good Samaritan jurors that is. To be a savior you have to be quite stealthy like a ninja!
  • I wouldn't think so, esprecially if you call the police yourself and tell them about the poor dog and it just cannot wait another minute.
  • I have done this. Good on you Raff. They arrested the A**hole who was guilty. I got a community commendation.
  • i wouldnt do it myself, i would just call the police and let them do it

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