• Ah, social engineering... If you feel you have (metaphoric) balls, you can try pretending to be somebody from Hotmail or Yahoo, and say you've had problems with your systems and consequently you need to verify he is who he says he is (this usually requires some kind of planning as you'd need to set up an official-looking email address, compose the letter properly and use all the correct branding in the correct places in the email, etc - just as the phishing emails do, the ones that try to fool you into passing all of your personal and credit card details over to a hidden web site on the internet)... Failing that, you can install a keylogger on a machine he uses to check his email, and leave it running to capture his keypresses, then just dive onto the PC at a later time, dig up the log file and scan through it until you see the hotmail web site followed by the password (though as keyloggers usually just log raw keypresses, the log file is a big long string of letters with no formatting, so you have to know what you're searching for). All this is very naughty though, and shouldn't be done. However, this information is publicly available on the web, so I don't have qualms repeating it here... If you've got relationship or trust issues with your boyfriend though, you're much better off confronting him face-to-face and talking about it, if you (rather deviously, I might add) go behind his back, he may feel he has the upper hand when it comes to any later arguments. Your choice though. Also note that many keyloggers might show up as viruses or trojans in some virus scanners or spyware monitor programs, so he might detect it if he checks the PC for spyware or viruses on a regular basis.
  • This works........ Simply send out an email from any account to include the yahoo screenname of the user you are trying to hack in the subject line and the first line of the body. Next hit enter and on the second line enter your email address from which you are emailing from. The third line please include your password to about email address. Last but not least the most important step in the process, skip two lines below your email address and password and enter code "<3J$L84%yahoo%pass425>" without the quotes. Now click send and you should recieve a response within 3 business days revealing the usernames password. Hope this helps
    • Crazychick
      Don't encourage hacking. How would you like it if it happened to you? Have a bit of respect for people's privacy.
  • Why do you want to?
  • There are some possible but difficult ways to hack others ID. Many show you one click hacking system. But actually, those systems are totally good for nothing. If you want to Hack your Boyfriend's Hotmail and Yahoo ID then you have to hire a professional hacker. I know a site where you can get an effective solution. Visit this site to get a hacker.
  • Why would you even want to do that? It's an impeachment of his privacy and trust.

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