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  • rare, but it certainly can happen
  • According to this website: only about 0.5% of women get pregnant after tubal ligation. There is a procedure that can be done to reverse the tubal ligation, but it is complicated, expensive, and not always successful.
  • Yes it is possible. I had my tubes tied six yrs a go and I am now 5wks 5days. It was a shock to me. The younger you are when you had it done the greater the chance. Also it is a greater chance if they were only clamped.
  • One of my friends had a beautiful daughter after having a tubaligation.
  • I have a friend who got pregnant with her 3rd child after having the ligation
  • I've heard so many different opinions about getting pregnant after getting a tubaligation. I'm sure many of us wish we could get a straight answer. I myself had a tubaligation 13y. ago, and now I'm experiencing pregnancy symptoms. I don't know if i should ignore them. I've been feeling very dizzy like fainting, I get nausea at times, and I sleep alot more than usual . I've had some weight gain and I've been more emotional. I wish I had some kind of answer. I'm afraid to get my hopes up high and then get dissapointed. I'ts been so many years now with out a baby at home that it would be nice to have a second chance to do things right, now that i have experienced raising children. I was real young and unexeperienced and did'nt know how to apreciate my children back then when I was young. So I hope I get that second chance. If anybody has any answers please help those that are waiting to know the truth.
  • It happened to me about 8 months after the tubal ligation surgery.
  • I am yet another person who knows someone who just had a baby after a tubal. I think part of the failure rate depends on how it was done. Of those I know that got pregnant, their tubal was done as a seperate procedure - NOT during a c-section. For my friend that just had her new baby, the drs think the dye test they did to check to be sure the tubes were infact blocked actually opened them up again. I don't know of anyone who has gotten pregnant after having the tubal during a c-section. Of course that doesn't mean it can't happen...
  • can I get pregnant if I have my tubes tied
  • Jackie, I had the surgery also about 2 years ago and I am having the pregnancy symptoms as well. My symptoms are late period (which I am not usually), nausea, stomach upset, very tired and peeing alot. You can tell I have a toddler. I am going to wait till the end of the month and then I will go to see my doctor. My aunt told me that I might be going through my change as well. But I did not know that you go pee all the time or nausea or tiredness when you are going through the change. But I would not wait if you miss a month.
  • It's possible, but highly unlikely. I did know a woman who had one and got pregnant after; but that was back in the '70s.
  • Yes it is cause it has happened to me,I had a tubul done in July of 1990 when I was 26 years old now I am 44 and just found out I am pregnant..Having a tubul is only 99.9% accurate so there is that 1% that it can happen to you,for it did me..Although distraught over it there is nothing I can do to change this fact so dont ever think it cant happen to you.

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