• Let him know and see if he feels the same way. That way you don't have to think "what if" for the 3 months you are gone. Get closure/certainty whenever you can.
  • Tell him you think he seems really cool, and ask where you can find him when you get back. And/or exchange ways to keep in touch while you're gone.
  • Tell him. Tell him. I'd tell him if it were me.
  • I'd let them know, even if it's a "I'll miss you." or "I'll be thinking of you. Hope to see you when I get back." You've got to speak up if you think thee mught be a chance and you are truly serious about the chance. If you aren't real serious, then don't kepp him hanging. It won't turn out well for either, then.
  • sleep with them, make sure to get pregnant, then they can never escape
  • I would let him in on your feelings. Alot can happen in 3 months and you might miss the chance with him.
  • I would not say anything and I know this from experience. I told my girl after nine months of dating that I loved her and would always be their, I miss you, etc. I left for two months and came back ready to propose to her and she dropped me like a rock. It was unexpected and it hurt. So I would wait to see how things go. Getting hurt after telling someone how you feel is the worst feeling in the world. Time tells all and all I can give is advice though. Good luck to you in the future....
  • maybe you should tell him how you feel

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