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  • you're too stoned to spell HOW right?
  • Drink gallons of water and go to the store and get some pills that help you clean out of your system
  • Take AZO Cranberry pills (can be found at any drug store or Walmart), drink plenty of water, cranberry juice (or anything that has cranberry juice in it) and beer (it makes you piss alot, therefore you piss the majority of drugs out because most drugs are passed thru your bladder). I usually go with the beer b/c I like to drink anyway. Don't take niacin pill though b/c most companies have made testing to see if that's in your system also.
  • Wait. That's all you can do. It takes a certain amount of time to get drugs out of your system, and it has nothing to do with how much water you drink, how much you urinate, or taking any kind of supplement. It has to do with YOUR body's unique metabolism. There is no way to speed up the metabolism of drugs in the body. Let nature take it's course, and don't take any drugs in the meantime.
  • I heard taking GoldenSeal Cleansing pills works great! Gets everything out! My fiance's uncle smokes weed like a chimney and he took those....worked like a charm!!
  • Cranberry juice
  • Drink lots and lots of water hours before test. Take vitamin B pills (they make your urine yellow again). Exercise days before test. (THC is stored in your fat).
  • this is how i passed my test i masturbated alot and took the swet off my balls and made brownies with it. i pissed on my shit and put it in a microwave and ate it. i had sex qith a squirrel urinated in my sisters date booke, and geuss what i ate cow shit
  • Yeah, I feel for ya, I am trying to get this shit out of my system and fast, too!! I am drinking detox stuff I bought at Henry's and hopefully this shit works cause I didn't waste 25 bucks on this for nothing!
  • fuck dat 5hyt keep 5moking wat the fuck u think 4 20 iz lol i'm gonna stay higher than giaraff pussy lmao oh yea dddddaaaauuuuummmmnnnnn
  • drink lots of water, and most importantly go to a sauna and sweat it out, take a gallon in with you and just sit there and sweat

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