• I tried Trima for 2-1/2 months with ZERO results! When I tried to use their so-called 3-month, money-back guarantee (part of the reason I bought from them in the first place) I found out I had to return the unused pills to CANADA! I live in California and when I sent the pills back, they were stuck in Customs for a week and were late. (Funny how they don't mention that little problem in their money-back guarantee on their websites.) Because they were late, they wouldn't give me a refund, and were very agressive to me on the phone. Not only did I waste over $200 on Trima, I wasted another $25 on shipping to Canada to return the worthless stuff! I wish it wasn't true because I HATE the thought of surgery, but I believe Trima is a scam. Their product didn't work for me at all, and they hid the fact that returns go to Canada and can be stuck in Customs for a lot of time. If they had checked the postmark, they would have seen I tried to send it back in a reasonable time. I think their product is a scam and they lack integrity.
  • I have just begun to take alexia. Started yesterday. So, who knows for me at this point. I have also started working out and dieting. I am only a few pounds overweight but have had large breasts my entire life it seems. But my opinion was for the money it was worth it to take a chance. My chest is hereditary my grandmother was large breasted.
  • hi firegirl, thnx for information. i heard abt alexia pills,do they work? any idea?also i heard abt minimizer bra? any1 know abt it? plz let me know
  • For the person who tried Trima('FireGurl'), that is Canadian, as I'm sure you have noticed. However I do reccommend that you try Alexia because it ships from the states and it does work. I reccommend this product to the other individual seeking help ('whoknows') I am aware you are taking it, and I know it works. I hope I was of some assistance.
  • i have been browsing all along for this trima i thought it was true thing , thank you for enlightening me. so do i go for this alexia thing what do you think gals
  • TRIMA --a revolutionary product it really worked for me, i will recommend to everyone who is looking further to purchase breast reduction pills, Alexia when used feel sleepy drowziness, plss be careful
  • I want to know if anyone has tried alexia and if so what was your outcome... I have been dieting for about 3 weeks now and I have lost 11 lbs... and it is visible however it seems as if my breast are heavier.
  • I just started taking Alexia because my breast is a 34DD and hope it work. If it do work I will be the first to let you known.
  • Hi ladies It's me C. I have learnt about these pills few months ago, i tried to search information about different brands but I think alexia is good one.I'm not saying others are not but i dont know much about them. What i know from my knowledge is as long as they are natural with no chemicals at all is worth to try it before undergoing surgery.As i saw in testmonial photos it seems they work and FDA group them as GRASE meaning 'generally recognised as safe and effective.This is common category given to natural products which believed to be safe.However not every product will work the same for everyone so i think is worthy trying it. Please share any new information. Hope this will help. Thanks
  • I am thinking of buying Alexia pills, but do they work? Also, are they safe to use?
  • They probably work just as well as the breast enlargement ones do.

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