• yep, i keep the ones in front, then the 5s, then the 10s, etc. hahaha, no, i suck at managing money.
  • Yes. I know how much money I should be spending every week and I do not exceed that. That way I do not have to be obsessed with my bank balance. I can relax and trust myself not to spend more than I earn. I carefully read my monthly statements but aside from that I rarely know exactly how much is in the bank.
  • I am fairly good at keeping my money in order, i receive disability benefits so i manage living on a low income quite well. I am good at sniffing out a bargain, and i love shopping at charity shops, where you can get good stuff at a fraction of the price. I don't manage to save for a rainy day though.
  • I manage whatever little I got and try not to get into debt.
  • pretty good

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