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  • Answerbag is a compilation of human knowledge and experience. It is a universal, user-generated set of frequently-asked questions (FAQs). It is built and policed by its users, a worldwide information community, who make Answerbag an authoritative collection of questions and answers on any topic relevant today. We welcome you to contribute your knowledge and experience so others can benefit from it. We all have different experiences and backgrounds, so everyone ends up with expertise in certain areas. Somewhere out there, someone could use your help, so why not pitch in? The types of information you can contribute are: - Questions & answers - Glossary terms & definitions - each FAQ on the site has its own glossary. Users can contribute context-specific terms and their definitions So, if you're an expert on something, - fishing, investing, croquet, or underwater basketweaving - please help someone out by contributing what you know!
  • The most addicting and smart site on the net.
  • Answerbag is a blast. It aims to help people with their personal problems, or just quench their curious minds. IT's helpful, insightful, and fun. Here you'll meet new people, gain perspectives on life, and if you're in school, fail all your classes because you can't stay logged off for more than a minute. Welcome aboard
  • The best thing in my life next to my family.
  • It's so interesting and addicting.
  • I would define AB as a place where people can interact with others. I have made a lot of friends here and I tell them things I would never tell anyone else.
  • Answerbag is a computer network of quality people collectively located on one internet site that is used for Asking questions, making comments, storing and or holding valuable information. Answerbag is anon-rigid network, normally made up of persons found around the world, who are intelligent yet flexible when providing professional, educational and humorus information or material. Answerbag may have mutiple users throughout all hours of the day and night. Answerbag may never be closable at anytime..
  • A point in space that if you happen to pass within its' event horizon, allows no means for escape.
  • A neat place to visit and chat a little with each other - A place to laugh and learn - A place to share your knowledge -
  • A place where people from throughout the world try to help each other. In a question and answer forum hopefully culminating in a transfer of help and a friendly and interactive manner
  • overwhelming ... a place to learn a place to understand a place to express ones feelings
  • A good place to share your thoughts and opinions on various subjects, as well as a place to get answers you seek.
  • "Answerbag is a leading, independent social knowledge platform and destination web site. On its web site, users can ask questions, share answers and collaboratively evaluate information, while building a permanent archive of knowledge and experience. Other sites that share the Answerbag platform – bloggers, web publishers, etc. – leverage the company’s knowledge platform to provide live, social Q&A to their audiences. Answerbag’s mission is to help people find and share knowledge. As of February 2007, Answerbag has 100,000 registered members who have asked 125,000 questions and provided over 400,000 answers in 3,600 categories. It serves Q&A to over 1 million unique visitors per month. ... Answerbag was founded in July, 2003 by Joel Downs and purchased by Demand Media, Inc., in 2006. The company is located at the Demand Media headquarters in Santa Monica, California." Source:
    • RareCatch
      Is the old AB? Nov.12
  • Niether paper nor plastic, Answerbag will still hold every piece of knowledge you can give it even if it's a piece of crap. One day, you may see a flaming answerbag on your 'doorstep.' I suggest NOT stepping on it.
  • Answerbag is part of my Faimly and a place to learn and meet great people -
  • Truth.
  • A Answering Community Website.
  • In Soviet Russia, AnswerBag defines YOU!!
  • Theraputic and sometime mind boggling
  • Fun. With some drama on the side.
  • its that place over the rainbow
  • I agree with all of the above fellow ABers ...and I would like to add to these thoughts by saying that AB is a 'home away form home'...a friendly neighbour hood of friends ...just on a global scale , all willing to offer a helping hand and advise to life's questions
  • A bag full of questions, answers, thoughts, nice people and mad people. And then some perverts too (:-
  • I would say its an almost real life forum, really good one though.
  • Answerbag is a site that was started to answer the questions people came across in everyday life and couldn't find the answer to.
  • It's a cool Q / A site that I have made many friends on and have learned quite a lot of things. It makes Yahoo Answers look like a huge joke.
  • A kaliedoscope of fun and knowledge supplied by the good people of this World. A few bad apples sometimes try to spoil the pie but not enough to spoil my finger tapping pleasure P.s. How do you feel it's going along ?
  • it is a storage unit for questions and answers... a lot of fun too!
  • a joke
  • A great way to spend some time and meet some great people.
  • It is a big oral cavity full of bla bla bla but don’t put your hands in it because it might bite you
  • A site used to pass time.
  • A place where people like me with no life meet up with other people from all across the globe and find another addiction (as if I didn't have enough before)
  • Hey kool, this was the first question ever asked!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • AWESOMENESSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • It's an addiction
  • a way of life!
  • The best site EVER! With the most awsome people :D
  • Were all these answers made by staff? Nov. 12
    • TBO
      seems they came from the old site...Nov.18..
    • Ice man
      This was one of the 1st questions asked on the very 1st edition of AB. The 1st answer came from the administration as an introduction to the site. The rest came from members later on. Iwnit - was a very intelligent member who was a stickler for long and factual answers. He later went on to become one of the ."Community Leaders".

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