• That is a rather sexist question. What, do you think men don't do the same thing? You ask a question about someones day, that means you want to know.. .
  • Generally speaking, woman like to talk about details whereas men don't. Men generally are problem solvers whereas woman talk to express themselves and get their feelings out. Granted these are major generalities but for the most part I believe they are correct.
  • My boyfriend does that. (Maybe more women do it, but it's definetly not an exclusively female thing). I asked him once why he feels the need to wake me up in the middle of the night (he works late) to tell me every minute detail of his day. He said that he tends to come home with all this stuff inside his head and if he doesn't get rid of it- by telling it all to someone else who he knows won't judge him, or get him into trouble, or tell the people he's less than complimentary about, it will just keep buzzing around in there and he won't be able to sleep or concentrate on doing anything else. Some people just need it as a form of cartharsis. Me - I keep a diary...
  • There is value in listening and value in expressing in verbal detail. Although if I hear the same story more that three times, my listening skills are better utilized elsewhere. I can at times be the one talk talk talking.

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