• Take yourself out side a take in some fresh air and take a warm bath to try and relax - I'm here if you need me
  • I have those times when I am angry, so I vent to my co-worker or friends and they listen..also since answerbag I can ask a questions to help me understand my anger. getting it out is better then strangling the person who mad you angry..:0 so talk to will feel better
  • I realize that everything happens for a reason and that by being mad I'm only wasting my time and energy on things that are out of my control. Music helps me too, but I realize that everyone is different, so maybe you have a different vice that'll help you, such as writing in a journal. Sometimes things seem worse than they actually are, tandra. Keep your head up :)
  • Depends on who or what I'm angry at. I may just listen to music, or I may DO something about it.
  • G'day Tandra01, Thank you for your question. I normally play some calm music if I can or have a nice hot shower. Taking a good walk helps. Occasionally, I will take some deep breaths and centre. Muscle relaxation techniques help. I have attached information on calming down. I hope that this helps. Regards Reference Diaphragmatic breathing 5 Ways to calm down quickly
  • I've found the best thing to do is burn out your anger. Listen to some angry music loudly, and let yourself get angrier. Then go to sleep, and when you wake up you'll feel fine. Works for me.
  • i go to my secret place deep in the woods, build a campfire and sit out to look at the stars.
  • Deep breathing Meditation Prayer
  • Sticking my head out the window in 20 degree weather.
  • Stop Think Collect your wits Good advice! By the time you're done, the anger has abated.
  • I gently tug my hair behind my back. It reminds me to think and not be my father. And by doing it behind my back people (customers) don't see me doing it.
  • Watch a comedy. Listen to comedians. Both of which basically mean "relax".
  • Throw some music into my brain through my ear.
  • I seclude myself as much as possible. It's hard for me to control my mouth when I'm angry, and the best way to deal with that is to go off by myself and think it over and get out my frustration. And relaxing music, like Sufjan Stevens, is always helpful.
  • Taoist Tai Chi meditations and deep internal self controls ... .
  • Breathe.
  • I usually do it analytically. I think about what I'm angry about and what I can do to fix it or make it right. I also try and think about how much it matters in the grand scheme of things, if it's really important enough to be upset over. I don't like to be angry so the quicker I can fix it the better. Also I keep in mind that anger is a loss of control. Being angry gives the other person or the situation control over my emotions I want that control back so I do my best to get over being angry and put it in the past where it can't bother me anymore.
  • I think about Ice Man, scrubbing his trailer floor.

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