• Bottled water comes from springs, usually, and is purified with filters and put into plastic bottles. Then it is shipped to countries in cargo. 1 dollar for a nice fresh bottle of water isn't so bad.
  • Because people will pay that much. It doesn't cost anymore to bottle water than to make a soda or something and place it in a bottle. Compare the price of a big liter bottle of soda for 99 cents and a small bottle of water? Ridiculous!
  • It's mostly transportation costs.
  • Bottled water has become a fashion statement. You don't look glamorous carrying around a Diet Coke or a Coors light.
  • They are ripping us off. I don't care if it’s a fashion statement or if its cool or if it tastes good. I think I might start selling air, if it gets to be a fashion statement I will be rich!
  • I'm not sure. Its funny to think that a liter of water costs more than a liter of fuel.
  • i don't think the water cost that much, it's probably just the bottle that cost more than the water itself
  • because soda is made with water. wait a minute.. What kind of carppy water are they put in our soda?
  • The water is filtered.
  • hype types & price gougers
  • you pay for the name!!?!!
  • It is called supply and demand. the more that buy it the higher the price goes.
  • Because it's a racket to make as much money as possible, for we get wise and realize they are charging big bucks for WATER!!
  • Because we're stupid enough to pay it.
  • Its costs just as much to bottle water as it does to bottle soft drinks. The only difference is the contents. To capture, sanitize and deliver bottled water is expensive. The best and cheapest water is at Kroger Stores. its called Naturally Preferred Pure Mountain Spring Water. it costs .49 cents for a 20 oz. bottle. it comes from Canada and is truly great. no aftertaste at all.
  • its a marketing scam to make money off of buyers who are trying to drink more water and are too lazy to just install a filter to their faucets
  • Prices are based on "what the market will bear" and frequently have absolutely no bearing on the cost. If a company can make more money, they do.
  • Because we are willing t o spend the money for it. If we didnt they would lower the price or eventually go out of business. Its that simple. A product will be priced at a figure that will pull in the most sales especially with good advertising that convinces us that product is what we need.
  • You have to pay for the label and the plastic that gets thrown in the ocean.

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