• Well, if everything else in the vehicle is working fine then yes it's a hell of a deal. Those normally still go for $2000+. To answer the first part of your question though, in my experience you cannot replace just the clutch in the air compressor. You must replace the whole unit. When you think about it, they normally last the life of the vehicle and therefore there is little demand for A/C clutch replacement. It will cost you around $300 (if I remember correctly) for a brand new A/C pump that will work better and come with a fresh clutch. That's the better option. Or, if you don't really need the air conditioning, then you can just leave it as-is and use the cheap car as you please. Tip: With a price this low I'd get an inspection done. You could save money on the purchase but then have to pop in a new tranny - not cheap. Hope this helps, Good luck
  • Sounds approximately average for where I am. Older, high-mileage.... I would like to know how road-worthy the car truly is. If it is anything like the last '91 Buick I dealt with (a Regal) then you might have issues. It died at 170K, though the owner (my father-in-law) isn't known for good maintenance habits. Maintenance records are a must for something that age, especially an American car of that vintage; they were not known for quality/longevity the way a Toyota or older VW is. As for the compressor, I have only ever seen one used car over ten years old and under $1000 with a fully-functional A/C unit. If that truly is all that is wrong then count your blessings.
  • I would never take on a car with that kind of mileage. The $475 is nothing compared to the kind of parts and labor that you will have to pour into it in the months ahead. Walk away and find something with less wear and tear on it.
  • I bought a 1984 Olds 98 Stretch w 82,000 original miles for 200.00 from a funeral home and everything works like new. I don't think the a/c would rule out buying the car. The high mileage would... I wouldn't look twice at it. Walk away.
  • Yes you can replace the clutch without replacing the entire compressor. It is perhaps the easiest item int he A/C system to replace. If that it all the car requires to have a properly functioning system then you are fortunate. They are typically retained by only 1 clip! While the mileage is high it is an ok deal if the body is in good shape, it runs well, and you like it! Good luck!

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