• I don't know about Advil in particular, but you shouldn't give an animal any medication that wasn't developed for the specific species. Differences in body chemistry and metabolism can make a medicine helpful for one but dangerous for another, or can have surprising effects on dosages. If you can't find an over the counter fever reducer for dogs, you'll need to talk to a vet.
  • My vet once told me you can give a full grown german shepherd type of dog a 1/2 of an apriin for minor pain.
  • yes u can give calpol (tylenol) kiddie strength 1 5ml spoonful
  • It sounds like she/he is very sick and you should never give her human drugs. I can not state enough of how i feel about the benefits of Holistic medicine here as they are without chemicals,which can also cause problems.
  • I wouldn't do anything before you take the dog's temperature! You can use either a regular anal thermometer (stubby-bulb) or a digital one that is ONLY used for your companion animals! A normal temperature for a dog is: 100.4 to 102.2. Unless the dog is in a state of excitement, which may push the temperature UP very slightly. Have someone restrain the dog. Lubricate the thermometer with a little petroleum jelly or olive oil, with one hand raise the dog's tail slightly and move it to the side. Insert the thermometer about 1 inch into the rectum and hold it still, angled so that the bulb is against the rectal wall. Wait 30 seconds or until the digital type beeps. Remove and read it. Clean and disinfect it before replacing it in its case. PLAIN BUFFERED aspirin is usually safe, HOWEVER, the amount you'd give depends upon the weight of your dog! If your dog has a fever...TAKE IT TO THE VET! The number of things, minor and LIFE THREATENING are way too high in number to risk, playing doctor when you are NOT one! BELIEVE ME...I can treat a lot of minor injuries on both humans and animals, but if there's an a fever...something INSIDE the animal is WRONG and I can't be sure what that is, just by looking at the outside! I run to a qualified VET who can set up emergency liquids, if needed, and run blood tests IF find out what is causing the fever! This question was posed some time ago...but the answer is the same for any such occasion...hope this pup is ok! I just remembered something else...You can do a skin pinch test to ckeck for hydration...simply pinch (not too hard) a part of the skin, where it is fairly loose...the cheek or back or leg...if the dog is hydrated enough the skin will pop right back down when you let go of it, if the dog is NOT hydrated enough as can be with a fever, especially a high fever, the skin will take a few moments to settle back down in a normal looking manner. If this is the case, you dog needs fluids quickly!
  • Advil contains Ibuprophen; it is toxic to dogs.
  • Don't try human remedies. Acetaminophen is deadly to a dog. Masking the symptoms won't really help anyway. Your dog has an infection and needs to be treated with veterinary anti-biotics quickly. If already on a vet-anti-biotic, call your vet and report that the dog has not improved. The vet will likely prescribe a different anti-biotic. Best wishes
  • I'm not trying to offend you, but never do anything that stupid. It's called human medication for a reason. Don't you think if it was called canine medication, you would? You wouldn't take canine medication, now would you? Giving it human medication could seriously injur, or kill the dog. Why not go to a vet? He would most definitley know what to give it, or what to do. But if you cannot afford that, there are a lot of free animal clinics. But if none of these options work, just try to lay it down, and have it rest, and eat healthy food. Just never give a canine human food, that is a horrible thing to do.

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