• The brand name is "BAND-AID" according to:
  • The brand name has one, but I think using it as a generic term, you can choose whether you use a hyphen or not.
  • Both are correct. If you are referring to the original brand then one would spell it as BAND-AID and if you are referring to a generic version of the product then one would spell it as band aid.
  • 1) Bob Geldorf's supergroup is correctly spelled Band Aid. The brand of adhesive bandage is correctly spelled Band-Aid. If used as a generic name for an adhesive bandage, there could be alternative spellings like band-aid or bandaid. 2) "Band Aid may refer to: Band Aid (band), a musical ensemble raising money for famine relief "Band Aid", a song on Pixie Lott's album Turn It Up Band-Aid, a brand of adhesive bandage A generic name for an adhesive bandage in America" Source and further information: Further information: 3) "band-aid Alternative spellings bandaid Band-Aid - Etymology Trademark Band-Aid registered 1924 by Johnson & Johnson. Sense of a temporary solution 1968, Canada. - Noun band-aid (plural band-aids) 1. (capitalized, trademark) A particular brand of adhesive bandage. 2. (North American) An adhesive bandage, a small piece of fabric or plastic that may be stuck to the skin in order to temporarily cover a small wound. 3. (North American) A temporary or makeshift solution to a problem, created ad hoc (often used with a negative connotation of a lack of foresight) 1968, United Church Observer, n 15 (March), p 36: It was another of those political band-aids patted over a minor sore." Source and further information:
  • What is a hypen? Is there such a word?

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