• Do you have it in a confined space or something obstructing it in some way? Maybe you have dust build up in the speakers or holes in the television? They are expensive t.v's so I hope you can resolve it!
  • I have this TV and I have had the same problem 3 times. Circuit City sent out a repair technician to fix it and they did not get it right until the third time. The problem is with a bundle of cables inside the TV that are clipped tightly together. The tech loosened the clip and re-fastened the cable that became lose due to the restriction. This seems to have fixed the problem.
  • the problem is the thermal switch. if you go to mitsubishi's website and click the warranty page it talks about that problem. hope this helps
  • if you have a little compressor in back of tv there is a section with little holes air blow threw these and if you can do it threw all tv i wood take bulb out and spray threw there ass well i had same problem and this did mi day by the way every time you turn on your tv you shorten the bulbs life sow blow it first and if it works ! good for you

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