• There are many causes for this, mainly depening on vehicle design. As a general rule, too much air entering the engine such as a vacuum leak, or too much fuel entering the engine such as a misadjusted carb. If the vehicle is carbureted it is either a vacuum leak, a misadjusted carb, or stuck open egr valve. If the vehicle is fuel injected it could be a vacuum leak, a stuck open egr, misadjusted throttle plate, faulty idle solenoid, faulty throttle position sensor, faulty manifold air pressure sensor, faulty mass air flow sensor, among many others. It could also be an engine mechanical condition issue for both types. It's really hard to give a specific answer with such a broad question. Also check your air filter..
  • I recently came accross a Rover 25 1.4 (2000 plate) with this problem. After we changed the Spark plugs and leads, it started fine and wouldn't stall at IDLE anymore.
  • not sure but maybe you should take it to a mechanic

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