• I would say he would start having female manners, breast swallowing etc.
  • Here is an answer which was posted to the same kind of question. Link: Answer: Birth control pills are the hormones which are found in greater quantities in women than men, so depending on how much is taken, the effects could vary. If a man takes one pill, not much will happen. Perhaps he might feel funny, or show maybe some more feminine characteristics (like slight breast/pectoral growth, for example) but it will go away after a short while. If taken on a regular basis, a man will show signs of becoming more feminine looking, and will start changing his body chemistry. And the effects will last longer because of the buildup of artificial hormones in his body. He probably would not be able to produce viable sperm (and perhaps not even have a sex drive), because the testosterone in his system is being counteracted by the estrogen and progesterone. So what happens in essence is that a man starts to become physically more womanly in taking of birth control pills. One will not have much of an effect, but regular taking will. Since I don't know why this question is being asked, let me say that if a man is contemplating this to try and effect some type of change to become a woman or something else of the sort, don't. Body chemistry is a delicate thing, and there are some very serious permanent health effect risks that can result from non-professional attempts to rebalance any hormone, but especially sex hormones. It's never a good thing to play with hormones on a direct basis, but if someone feels they must, they should go to the doctor and talk to him/her first.
  • I Dont Think Anything would Happen..
  • great question + I have no idea... I've heard that because of all the women taking birth control pills the chemicals in it which pass through the toilet and into the water system, men become slightly more feminine! (not sure WHERE i heard this though)
  • You'll grow boobs.
  • He does not get pregnant.
  • Nothing would happen
  • not sure if they have them but look up Progesterone and Estrogen to see their effects on men. Some effects might actually be beneficial, in small doses of course. but I got on to ask a question, instead of physical might taking many Birth Control pills at once have an effect on your character for the next few hours or however much time?? im writing a film where in a scene a man becomes really affeminate and begins sobbing uncontrolably while watching an old couple interact, hes out with his mates and they have no idea whats wrong with him. Wanted to see if a whole package of Birth Control pills might be the cause, cheers
  • About 10 years ago I tried taking some birth control pills, for a month, double dose, with some aspirin, to avoid possible clots, the results were that my penis, and testicles, shrank about 50%, I lost 3 inches from my waste, and gained 3 inches on my chest and 2 inches on my hips. I then had to make a decision to give them up or continue taking them, as I started to act and feel like a woman, and was genuinely attracted to men. Overall the long term results are that I now look about 15 to 20 years younger looking than men of my age, and I have to say I have often had the urge to go back on them as I just loved the feeling they gave me.
  • Hi, I am male, and i have been taking birthcontrol pills for the last 10 days. Nothing to report yet :)
  • "If a man took just one or two birth control pills, nothing would happen. ... However, if a man took birth control pills on a regular basis over an extended period of time, his breasts might grow larger, his testicles might shrink, and his sex drive and amount of facial hair might decrease. What if a man takes birth control pills? |"

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