• You might want to check your property tax assement information. If you are the second or third owner of the property you might be able to see when the original owner moved in. Also you can look up that information in your local govt public records. If you do a title search on your property you can see who owned it in the past and possibly find the original permit information. One thing that is always reliable as well is to find out from your neighbors. Regardless of where you live there is always someone who either lived in the neighborhood from the very beginning when it was first created or they are an aire to the original owner of the house..
  • Here's a trick I learned a while back. Lift the lid off the toilet tank. There should be a manufacure date on the inside wall of the tank. That date will probably be only a few months before the toilet was installed. If the toilet hasn't been replaced--and you can usually find out or tell if they have--that will give you a pretty good fix on the construction date.
    • Kenz the Frenz
      Most of the houses round here have either had newer toilets installed or if they still have the old one it's outside and has a high cistern. You try climbing up and lifting the lid off one of those! Lol:)
  • Check the materials that built your house. houses built in the 40s and 50s, contain much better building materials, than that of today. ask an elderly neighbor. check with your local electricity and water provider. they will have the date that utilities were first applied to your house. good luck.
  • You should go the office of the Municipal corporation / Government and to the department of residential buildings. Carry the exact name and registration number of the society , It will be on the house purchase papers if you purchasaed it legally. The registrion of property office there should have a record With the registration number you can search it even on the internet if you are in US, UK or developed countries, I think .
  • How can i find out when my house was built
    • Kenz the Frenz
      That's answering suecan's question with more or less the same question as her own. Lol:)
  • i need to find out when my house was bulit can you tell me
    • Kenz the Frenz
      See my comment on frosty's answer. Ditto for yours.
  • The previous answers are great if the property is fairly modern but if, like me, your house dates back 400 years or more then you need to get a copy of registration from the Land Registry office in your area - this costs around £25 and gives you a lot of information (not just the earliest date that it was registered) but who lived there before etc. Very interesting stuff. Hope this helps. Suzanne
    • Thriftymaid
      Do you really live in a 400 year old house? I lived in one that was 80 years old and I thought that was old! Wow, that's cool!
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  • google the houses around you ans search for houses on sale, maybe you can find the info there from one near by, you know how they make the houses a bunch at time. they're most of the time from the same year
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  • Look up the property on I should give you the date it was built.
  • You can obtain that information by calling the Assessor's Office of the city or county in which you live. You may be required to go into their office because my county said it was confidential information.
  • If you ask an appraiser, they can tell you several tricks they use to figure out the age of a house.
  • Town assessors records will often show when a house was built on your site.
  • Ask one of your neighbours if they know what year theirs were built. Chances are it'll be the same. Most of the houses in my neighbourhood were built in or around 1880.
  • Go to the court house and look at tax records. My state has all of that online. Good luck. 11-22-16

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