• Good one - I'll carry mine from one room to the next and forget where I put it - all the time
  • I'm not sure. It's like you're not even aware when you pick it up or put it down. As important as it seems when you can't find it you would think you'd make a special effort to keep up with it. It's a mystery worth investigating.
  • I'm more concerned about a worrying trend of recent remote controls, "aim to the exact spot or it won't work".
  • Cause youre paing more attention to whats on the tv while youre flipping than your remote. try paying more attention to the remote instead of the TV =).
  • It's because remotes hates having it's buttons pressed so they like to hide from humans. Usually in couch cushions, on the floor, under papers, or even occasionally in the refrigerator, lol!

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