• I'm fairly certain it may mean something in some culture(s). I am unaware of any significance in most North American and European cultures though. Additionally, I've spoken with males that are gay or bisexual without pierced ears or with both ears pierced... I'm also aware of some that are not (or claim not to be?) gay with one or both ears pierced. I'm sorry if this doesn't help you :-)
  • There is no sexual meaning attached to which ear a man has pierced. It's an urban myth that changes with the locale. In one city I lived, some said a pierced left ear meant the guy is gay. In another where I lived, it was the right. I have worn an earring for 30 years and have listened to all kinds of such nonsense, so I can safely say that a guy wearing an earring means nothing to most people under 75, except for people who want to think there is some significance to it to help them insult one another.
  • As RedJohn said its an urban myth, so get whatever you want done, I know straight people that have just the left or just the right or even both and gay people the same. I have two piercings in my right ear and three in my left (I am male!), so I am well balanced!
  • Nope. Haircuts seem to be more telling, though this isn't a rule. (Hence "lipstick lesbians" and what seems like every other college-aged woman "experimenting" with bisexuality.) Just be careful as cartilage piercings can be difficult, long, and/or painful to heal.
  • Wow! I'm amazed that in this day and age, we're still looking for ways of stereotyping people. It's like in the Dark Ages, when people were looking for the "Signs of the Devil". These days you can have your nipples pierced, with a (God forbid!) Flock of Seagulls style of haircut and the lyrics to "It's Rainin' Men" tattooed on your lovestick and still be straight. It doesn't matter!!
  • You are incorrect in your assumption. It doesn't mean anything in particular.
  • I have three piercings in my right ear and five in my left ear (all in the lobes) does this make me gay'ish? Where did you get your info? And holy crap, I better tell my wife!!!!!
  • I'm gay and I didn't know about the right ear thing. I always thought that a man with a piercing in his right ear meant that he was a man with a piercing in his right ear.
  • Actually, getting your ears pierced has nothing to do with your sexuality as far as I know.
  • I have both ears pierced! I keep em guessing.
  • My Old Dad told me, "Son, in life you meet two sorts of men who wear earrings, Poofs and Pirates.....if you do not see a Parrot on his shoulder...then you know the answer to the question"
  • No it doesn't!

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