• there are many guideline databases like
  • The best advice I was ever given was the purchase a book called 2006 Writers Market. It is on amazon for under 20 bucks. It has over 4000 listings of markets that are available. It also gives the contact information and pay rates of most magazines. If you don't want to purchase the book, you can usually find writers guidelines on the magazine web site.
  • Check out for one of the best freelance writing databases. Once you start getting published around, make sure you keep careful track of your publications and earnings. Check this out: Hope this helps!
  • One simple way is to write to their editorial department and ask what their submission guidelines are.
  • Start with Writer's Market 2009. They are available for both the North American and UK markets. Everything you need is in there. You get the rules of submission, the desired formats (both electronic and hardcopy), the addresses of the proper departments of various fiction and non-fiction publications and publishing houses, etc., all the things a writer has to know. You can get it through Amazon:

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