• There's no perfect solution for spam, but plenty of people are working on it (including some who want to spam you about their efforts). The most popular solution right now is to use software, either built into your email client software or available as an add-on, that looks for a while at which emails you mark as spam, then tries to guess mathematically based on the contents of the spam you've marked manually. The technical name for this approach is Bayesian filtering, named for the statistician who came up with the probabilistic equations this method puts to work. But you don't need to know that: you just need to know that Mozilla/Netscape Mail and OS X's Mail app will both do this for you. There are a number of Outlook add-ons that will tackle the task for you, including NEO (Nelson Email Organizer) and probably a lot of others I have no knowledge of.
  • One thing about SPAM is that you never know what source they picked up your e-mail address from. A little prevention will go a long way to help reduce your current problem as well. You will never totally avoid SPAM, but you may be able to reduce the torrent to a trickle. Here are my tips. 1. Do not give your e-mail address to anyone you don't trust 2. Do not register on any website, e-mail list, etc. 3. If you did register on a website or list, make sure you check the "do not contact me except in case of emergency" and "do not give my info out" boxes. 4. Do not post your e-mail address on a website. 5. Using a webmail service may actually make you a SPAM target. Hotmail is notorious for this, but even SPAM on Hotmail can be contained.
  • I suggest being very careful when giving out your email address, and creating a free account on Gmail or another free provider to give out to lists and commercial sites, so that your main email is never put at risk.
  • do you have hotmail, if so, when it comes to your inbox, check it off and instead of deleting it put it in juk email. then whenever it comes it will go straight to your junk email. or u can block it.
  • I can recommend a piece of free software that I have found most useful. It filters out the spam and disgards it for you to check - it gets better as it builds history. Go here to check it out: Good luck.
  • stop givin out your email address. +5

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