• No, you will not be able to install Windows XP on another computer with that disc if the computer isn't the same Dell model as the one that came with the disc. I own a Dell Inspiron 8200 laptop, and when I called Dell asking this same question, the support representative said that the XP restore disc that comes with your Dell is designed to work only with a computer that uses the same BIOS that your Dell uses. Yes, the XP restore disc contains the full version of Windows XP, and as far as I can tell the version is the same one that you would find on a regular XP disc; when you install XP from the Dell disc, it does not install any other software. One interesting thing that I'd like to point out is that you can reinstall Windows XP with that Dell disc on your Dell computer as many times as you'd like without having to re-activate the copy. When I was trying to solve a problem I was having with my Dell laptop (many various STOP errors), I ended up reinstalling XP five times in a row. Not once was I asked to call Microsoft and tell them what I was doing, which is what normally happens with a regular copy of XP if you reinstall it more than once within a certain period of time. The copy of XP that came with my Dell appears to have been "permanently activated", and I am assuming that this is the case with the rest of Dell's XP machines. Also note that if you got a copy of Office XP with your Dell, you can install that on as many machines as you'd like, and although you have to re-activate your copy each time you reinstall it, Microsoft won't come after you about it, as they do with regular copies of Windows XP. I have installed the copy of Office XP that came with my Dell on both my laptop and desktop several times, and I wasn't prompted to call Microsoft and get a new activation number or whatever.
  • to access the xp installation on the dell cd you need windows xp boot disks. you can get the boot disks at this website, be sure to have 6 floppies handy
  • Reinstalling Windows XP or Vista using OEM Windows Operating System Reinstallation Discs. Recently, my Dell Dimension 4400 finally gave out. I couldnt even find my reinstall Disc. I ordered a new disc and reloaded my system. I also found out that the Dell Reinstallation Disks will install on any system, And they will install on any Dell computer Activated without entering a product key. How to reinstall windows xp or vista onto your dell. Step 1. Use the disc that came with your Dell computer to reinstall windows. No need to call a computer Tech anymore. You have everything you need at your fingertips! Pre: Make sure you download the Ethernet and / or Wireless Networking driver from and save it on a disk, flash drive, CD etc. A: Look at the Windows Product Key sticker on your Dell PC. Write down the version of Windows. B: Take your Dell Windows Reinstallation CD/DVD and insert it into the cd/dvdrom drive. C: Press F12 during bootup. Choose boot from CD/DVDRom. D: Follow onscreen instructions and reload windows. If you dont have a Reinstallation CD/DVD, you can go to: or Dell for a replacement. The Second Step: Follow windows Prompts and Reinstall Windows. The Third Step: Reinstall the Network drivers then go to and download the rest of the drivers for your PC. Once all the drivers are downloaded. You can install them one by one. Now your system should be Completely clean and new!

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