• The answer to that is wax is commonly known to be used to remove bikini area hair, and you can even get a Brazillian wax which covers all your butt hair, and everything. Don't know if I'd try it myself though, just getting the hair on my legs waxed off hurts! Ouch!!! But have you ever wondered why models never seem to have butt hair, and excess hair in the vaginal region while wearing skimpy bathing suits, the Brazillian wax is why.
  • Most models use an electric shaver meant for the vaginal areas like the Body bare at Thats where I bought mine and LOVE IT!@!!!
  • I use VEET for my legs, bikini area, etc. I know the directions say you're not supposed to use it down there, but I never get any irritation or anything. Guess I have thick skin in that area or something.
  • NAIR do a cream for the Bikini area,as well as all the other places
  • I use the VEET that comes in the long box (with the blue 'S' shaped ''shaver'' tool that has 2 green rubber ends). I have always used the 'Sensitive Skin' variety, I lay in bed, apply the cream all over, wipe my hands off with a towel and wait 10 minutes. I then walk into the bathroom and remove all the hair (using the mirror for assistance) and then hope in the shower to rinse the remaining cream off with cool to luke-warm water. I love how it works and feels. You're good for a couple weeks that way too! Sometimes (especially in the summer) I finish with a light dusting of baby powder. If you get any mild irritation (i only have once because i left it on a few minutes too long) I use a dab of Hydrocortisone cream and it's good in a few minutes. Hope this helps.

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