• I feel very bad for the murderer, because to do that to someone, something must have gone very wrong in their life or mind. But, I feel worse for the victim because their life was taken. What I'd have a hard time choosing between was whether I felt more sympathy towards the victim or his/her loved ones. The entire situation is terrible, no one should have to go through it. :(
  • Hell no...He or she just put the family in a hell he personally made for them.
  • No, I don't feel bad for the murderer unless they were clearly insane.
  • oh hell no!! No one can replace my sister... and what he did, changed all of us forever. May he rot in hell!
  • It depends. I feel sorry for people who kill by accident. it must feel terrible to know that someone is dead because you made a stupid mistake. as for people who kill delibrately, i know that some people are pushed beyond what they can take, and i feel sorry for those paople. We all have a threshold for emotional and physical abuse, and anyone has the potential to become a killer if they are pushed over that threshold. I feel sorry for murderers who were pushed and pushed, and bombarded with emotional abuse until they just couldnt take it anymore.
  • Yes, if they are the victim of ongoing abuse at the hands of the victim, I do.
  • I just read a book , where the wife was emotionally and physically abused by her husbad for a decade. She then murdered him, because he was about to molest their daughter. In that case, when she bashes his head in, i just wanted to stand and applaud!
  • Yup, when rogue had ti kill dumbeldore... In real life, never, no one deserve to be murdered.
  • In it was intentional then the victim but if it was unintentional then both the parties included.
  • No, never. Aileen Wuornos I felt bad for when I heard of the despicable things that were done to her as a child. It is sad for everyone involved in such a horrible crime.
  • not at all, the one i feel bad for is the victim

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