• This is a tough one. You guys were broken up, so unless he asks, it isn't really necessary to tell him. It also depends on the guy, some guys really don't want to know about former boyfriends. I dated a guy like this once, and he just flat out told me he didn't care to know a single thing about any past relationships because it really bothered him. If your boyfriend is like this, better to let sleeping dogs lie. If he asks, don't lie to him though. Even if it's just a little white lie. Hope this helps.
  • I would. Nothing less than total transparency is best. If he finds out later, it will cause problems.
  • most definitely. better for him to hear it from you then from another friend. if he really has feelings for you im sure it wont bother him that much, since he has you now.
  • Hmmm. Tough one. Ask yourself if you want to know if he dated someone else then you could be up front and ask if he wants to talk about whether or not you guys dated other people when you were apart and, if you want, to what extent (sexual intimacy, etc.). Be prepared though if he has seen other people because that might really bother you. If you both agree you don't want to know then the problem is solved and if either of you hear anything in the future it will not cause any problems. Best wishes
  • Yes, no truth, no relationship
  • Only if you want problems. Sweety, enjoy life your not married or obligated to tell him what happen when you were not with him?
  • I agree that this is a tough one...I used to always believe in honesty, but someone dear to me has taught me over the years that sometimes whats left unsaid is better off...If it is something that bothers you, you decide on whether to tell him. Have you always revealed everything to him and does he do the same in turn? Is this other person during the break-up a person known to the two of you???? If so might be a good idea to get it out of the way....
  • i did, it caused a long period of mistrust and sadness for him.
  • yes. it is better for him to know about it right away then find out later and have it ruin your relationship.
  • 7-2-2017 Never get back together. A broken relationship stays broken forever. Your question is just one example.

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