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  • Desiring sex, has no bearing on your body or health. If you suffer from low self esteem, maybe talk to a counselor to build your self worth. Otherwise dont give up (no pun intended)
  • Masturbation can temporarily relieve excessive urges. But, generally, unless you're engaging in random, unprotected sex, which you say you aren't, being excessively "horny" won't kill you.
  • Don't be discouraged and I can honestly say that when we try to hard to obtain sexual gratification it makes us often times unattractive to weomen.I think that your self esteem is just fine,now work on the approach.Watch ,listen and learn and best of luck.
  • It isn't bad for your health. In fact it could be said tht not getting any is good for your health. And getting rejected isn't bad for your esteem. It builds character. It could be bad for your reputation to seem too easy.
  • That's what your hand is for.
  • Do yourslef a favor and buy a vibrator, and then you won't be excessively horney anymore, and your boyfriend will become useless, unless you want to talk and hug after.
  • Use caution. What I mean is you should want to be seen as a woman of value and self worth. Take your time. Enjoy each other. Be sure your first time is rememberable. Maybe he wants to be sure he is the who should be gifted with taking your virginity. That shows respect for you.
  • I don't think anyone ever died from being horny and not getting a sexual relase. Since you are a female I would suggest that you focus on being a nice, lovable person and you will attract the kind of man you would want to have a long term relationship with and not just a quick tumble in the hay to relieve sexual tension.
  • yes, it is bad for my health. BTW, your internal clock is probably ticking. I remember when mine went off in early college and I was like "must have sex!!!" and I was getting none. It can be really frustrating, but I am still alive. I'm sure that you'll be able to work through it, find something else to take your tension out on, like working out or starting a new hobby :o)
  • You might say it's actually healthy. At least you know everything is working as it should... to a point. Having sex or not doesn't defeine who you are as a person so try not to let it affect your self esteem. I'm sure you have many good qualities, those are what define who you are.
  • Yes I believe this could be bad for your health because ,if you are excessively horny that will lead to frustration and frustration can cause stress, too much stress can lead to heart problems. I am not sure why you are not getting none, but just to keep from having heart problems, you could go ahead and relieve yourself.
  • It didn't kill me... When traveling alone to the gas station of love, I made frequent stops to the self service pump. All jokes aside. Don't base your esteem on whether or not you are bumping uglies with someone... You are far more important than that. Sex is important, but even if you were extremely active, what percentage of your time alive would be actually absorbed in it? It's pretty small.
  • etu rula? I understand completely!
  • just masturbate. i used to like 5 times a day when i was....well....sometimes i still
  • Yes Its called blue balls. It can hurt you. Your balls or playing the game but theres no score. thats what precum is.
  • I don't see that. The energy we put into thinking about sex is just general energy which can be channeled into or utilized or expended by and through other activities. While it is natural to think about sex if that is all we do we are not very balanced in our life. And although being desired and giving ourselves can and does make us feel good about ourselves the guilt we might have afterwards or the feeling that we did not choose wisely or that we acted foolishly can have the opposite effect.
  • It depends on what you mean. You can't be "excessively" horny.You have a basic sex drive and it is what it is. In general, the data show that men who don't get much sex - I don't recall how that was defined from the study which I saw several years ago - tend to become more easily depressed, have poorer health and indeed even tend to die younger. (This, by the way, is also one of the reasons that married men live longer than unmarried men. The former are assured sex more regularly than unmarried men, who in our culture tend to have to get sex when they can.) You are right, by the way, that men who don't get sufficient sex will tend to have bigger problems with self-esteem. The data show comparable numbers for women, but on a far smaller scale. That is that men who don't get sex may die about 3 years earlier than the average male lifespan, whereas women only about a year. This has a lot to do with evolutionary imperatives and sexual psychology. The problem with your question is that there is no such thing - certainly scientifically speaking - as "excessively horny." Men and women can be sex addicts, but the paradox there is that sex addicts tend to suffer poor health and die much sooner than the average, also. That is because, to get sex, they will engage in reckless behaviors - unprotected sex with strangers, leading to disease, bestiality, etc. - that non-addicts would not consider.

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