• PLanned PArethood, or your local heath department will either have them, depending on where you live, or be able to refer you to the right place. :-)
  • Free clinic might be able to help as well. Ask a about getting the depo shot. It last for 3 months and you don't get your monthly friend.
  • i know at least where im at in washington there are places to go that will help you out for free. planned parenthood (i dont know the age limit or anything there) and the department of social and health services may be willing to help you out. if you cant get help from any of those places i would just go to different pharmacies and ask about the prices for birth controls there, and decide from there what would be best for you. dont make any decisions until youve checked out all the pharmacies that you want to. there is also a new birth control that has come out. its called mirena. what they do is insert into the opening of your cervix and it lasts 5- 10 years. the one that lasts 5 years, you pretty much will not have a period throughout the whole time (maybe some spotting) but the 10 year one i was told will make you have heavier and longer cycles. here is more info on it!
  • Have you never heard of Planned Parenthood in the USA?? There is one in any city of much size at all.
  • Health clinics and Planned parent hoods, and my Gyno gave me free samples of Seasonal for over a year until they started making the generic. I guess they stop giving samples when they come out with a generics
  • The only place I found on the internet for cheap birth control is: The MyCycle company is the #1 online Birth Control Pharmacy
  • PlannedParenthood my dear. If your in the USA, find the location near you and make an appt. They usually can take you the same day or next day.
  • Your local Family Planning clinic. They let you pay whatever amount you can pay at that time for it.
  • Try abstinence for a while, or play with yourself!

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