• I think it has a lot to do with ignorance. Most people who have a big problem with it were usually raised to believe that there is something wrong with it rather than having come to that conclusion on their own or through personal experience.
  • I was raised in a white upper-middle class family where all the kids were taught that you will meet, date, and marry white. Oh how dissappointed all of the parents are. Of the five grandchildren in my family. One is marrying another white person. So yes it is ignorance of the parents that keeps their children dating within their race. People in my family have learned to step outside of the box and love people for who they are not where they are from. I never thought I would see my parents happy with half hispanic babies or my cousins having half Carribean children. It is amazing~
  • they ignant.
  • It's both. It was ignorance then, and since the times haven't changed, it's still ignorance. The color of someone's skin does not dictate a person's morals, personality, hopes, dreams, fears, soul... the list goes on. People just don't want to acknowledge that fact.
  • I would say that there are a couple of reasons for poor race relationships. First of all, there are bigots out there. There are idiots that really do believe that one race is superior to others...and not all of these people are white. These ignorant people work to keep others down. You have the white racists who long for the days of slavery. However, you also have the minorities that tell anyone who wants something better than the slums that they are "acting white". Both groups don't help race relations. However, as much trouble as these people cause, I think that the worse people are those that actually make their livings from poor race relations. I am not going to use names, but there are people who make their livings by stirring up trouble. Whenever there is the slightest hint of a potential racism, these people are their blowing things all out of proportion. The recent Duke "rape" case is an excellent example. White athletes were accused of raping a black stripper. The only evidence that there was any crime at all was the testimony of the stripper. The problem was that her story kept changing. There was no other evidence to back her up. Despite this certain people who make their living off of this sort of thing were went in and started calling for the conviction of the accused. They didn't want to wait for the investigation to be completed, let alone a trial. As a result, the athletes' reputations were ruined and, when the case against them went completely to pieces, not one of the race baiters even had the decency to apologize. They were to busy looking for the next case of racism that they could exploit. Such people as this can't afford to admit that things are improving because they would be out of jobs if relations if they did. So, the reason for poor race relationships is two fold. There are the racists who just don't want improved relations and there are the people who prophet from poor relations. Both groups don't want us moving forward and I have no use for such people. Racism is stupid and we will be much better off when every body realizes this.
  • If people are willing enough to understand and learn about the other culture then it's fine. You need to be willing to protect and defend yourself. My ex boyfriend was white and I'm asian and his father would make racial comments towards me and my ex would say he's just joking.
  • It has a lot to do with ignorance. People who rebel against interracial mixing are ingnorant! I dealt with a lot of ignorant trolls, trying to discourage me from dating interracially.
  • Some people would say the opposite,that they cannot understand why people feel the need to have a interracial relationship. I do not believe it is ignorance but rather their personal belief and understanding, hence their point of view just like yours.
  • People hold fast to comfort zones.
  • Because some people are just ignorant.
  • There will always be people who are critical of others for whatever reason they can come up're too fat or too thin...too pretty or too ugly...too smart or too dumb...too funny or too serious...too Republican or too Democrat..too religious or too secular...too black or too eyes or brown hair or no doesn't matter. The people who need to make themselves feel better by putting others down will always find a reason, no matter how ridiculous it is! :(
  • I think the times have changed, it's a lot more accepted now than even a couple decades past. The nozzles who are against are still as vocal as ever, but they aren't as many as before
  • In Jakarta (the capital of Indonesi), people seems still can't really except it (not all though). My parents would like me to marry with indonesian, But who cares? i'm the one who will live with my husband not my parents. My sister has a relatioship with a japanese guy.
  • Times definitely are changing. I can remember even 5 years ago where it was much less acceptable for me to date white women in certain circles but I think its common place now. I do live in chicago so maybe its more liberal here then other parts of the country. Anybody who has an issue with it needs to get a life and worry about more important things that what other people are doing.
  • Perhaps it just makes them feel better about themselves to find something wrong with everyone else, no matter how much it might hurt the people they choose to hate.
  • By judging them ignorant and intolerant, how does that make us different. We accept it because we see nothing wrong with it. It is our choice and our opinion. Why would they be any less for having their own choice or opinion. Now if they physically harm someone for not being like them I say thats different but in order to be the better person here we must learn to also accept they do not have to like what we like.
  • there will always be stupid people in the world
  • Some people are just narrow-minded. But times have changed in the last 40 years and they're becoming more accepting.

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