• <h4 class="dechead">On One Hand: To Bore the Engine

    Reasons for boring engine cylinders are generally twofold: to restore a cylinder finish to factory tolerances, concentricity and finish, or to increase displacement. A high-mileage engine may have enough wear from usage that its cylinder walls are no longer perfectly round, and they may have a taper from top to bottom. Nicks or scratches may exist, as well.

    On the Other: Not to Bore the Engine

    Many engines do not have cylinders that are very far out of recommended specifications for required piston-to-cylinder wall clearances. They may require nothing more than a cylinder honing job to restore the desired slightly rough, cross-hatched finish on the cylinder wall to promote proper piston ring sealing.

    Bottom Line

    Renewing an engine's performance is a complicated and expensive task that can be undertaken by any reputable engine machine shop. If an engine's cylinders are worn enough, boring is the solution. Keep in mind that new pistons properly sized to the new bore dimension are required.


    Worn Cylinder Bore

    Boring Process

    Proper Bore Finishes

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